About us

We believe in a more unique approach to street food, by offering small and local businesses prime opportunities on the high street at a fraction of the cost.

What is Market Place?

Designed to cater for small or up-and-coming businesses, Market Place London offers a variety of mixed usage spaces in unique and dynamic settings across London. Our goal is to provide opportunities for the local community by removing barriers for start-up companies and enabling independent businesses to start or grow, directly on prime high streets across the capital.

Diverse food Court

Offering a large food court section with a comfortable dining area. We are passionate about accommodating food from all over the world and encourage diversity and creativity.
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Prime retail units

Our retail spaces can be developed to meet the specifics of your business and we welcome all business ideas with openness and enthusiasm.
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We are looking to expand

Help us to expand our Market Places around London and the UK.
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